How to find products on our site?

 Enter the name or item number of the product you'd like in the search box (shown in the image below).
 You can browse by brand and category by clicking one of the banners below.

How to order

 You will need to copy the item number to the order form. The item number can be found on the top of the item information area, which is below the item description. In the image below, the item number (in the red square labelled 1) is R9430A.
 The price is displayed in Yen, and includes Japanese sales/consumption tax. You can convert this price to your own currency here

Filling out the Order Form
Click the image below to go to the order form. Ignore any unrelated fields

Delivery Date

After your order you will receive an order confirmation within 2 days. After paying you will receive a payment confirmation and your order will be shipped






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